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23 Most Popular Open-source Flutter Projects, Examples and Apps with Source-code

By admin Jan 30, 2024

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit developed by Google. It allows developers to build beautiful, high-performance mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase. Flutter uses Dart programming language and provides a rich set of pre-designed widgets and tools that simplify the development process.

Flutter’s open-source nature means that its source code is publicly available, allowing developers to explore, contribute, and learn from existing projects. The Flutter community actively supports and contributes to the open-source ecosystem by creating and maintaining numerous open-source projects, examples, and apps.

Additionally, the Flutter community offers extensive support and resources for learning and collaboration. There are online forums, documentation, tutorials, and community-driven initiatives that provide guidance and help developers enhance their skills. Engaging with the Flutter open-source community allows developers to learn from experienced practitioners, share knowledge, and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

Overall, learning from open-source Flutter code and actively participating in the community can significantly accelerate developers’ learning process, improve their coding skills, and foster innovation in Flutter app development.

In the following list, we listed the best open-source Flutter projects that you can learn from their open-source code which you can openly browse, download, clone, and edit.

These projects cover a wide range of functionalities and demonstrate different aspects of Flutter app development. By exploring their source code, you can learn best practices, design patterns, and implementation techniques.

Additionally, engaging with the Flutter open-source community and utilizing available resources can further enhance your learning experience and skills in Flutter development.

1- RustDesk

RustDesk is an open-source remote desktop software that allows users to access and control their computers remotely. It provides features like file transfer, clipboard sharing, and multi-monitor support.

It is built using Rust, and Flutter.

It is available for Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

2- AppFlowy


AppFlowy is a powerful open-source note-taking and task management application that draws inspiration from the highly acclaimed app Workflowy. It offers a seamless and efficient way to effortlessly create and manage lists, tasks, and notes, ensuring optimal organization and productivity.

3- BlackHole

BlackHole is an open-source Flutter project that provides a for managing and blocking unwanted phone calls and messages. It allows users to create a blacklist of phone numbers, enabling them to filter and block unwanted communication effectively.

4- Fwitter

Fwitter is an impressive Twitter clone developed in Flutter using Firebase authentication, real-time database, Firestore database, and storage. It empowers users to effortlessly navigate through tweets, share their own tweets, connect with other users by following them, and engage with tweets through likes and comments.

5- FlutterEbookApp

FlutterEbookApp is an open-source Flutter with code sample project that provides a platform for users to read and download ebooks.

It offers a user-friendly interface, book categorization, search functionality, and the ability to bookmark favorite books. Users can also customize the reading experience by adjusting font size, theme, and brightness.

6- AuthPass

AuthPass is a highly open-source that effectively stores and manages passwords.

It provides advanced password generation, robust encryption, and seamless synchronization across multiple devices, guaranteeing utmost convenience and uncompromising privacy for users.

7- LocalSend

LocalSend is an amazing, free, open-source app that empowers you to confidently and securely share files and messages with nearby devices over your , all without the need for an internet connection.

8- Musify


is an exceptional open-source music player app that empowers you to unlock the full potential of music with effortless streaming. With just one app, you can enjoy seamless streaming and experience the ultimate convenience!

Built entirely in Flutter, Musify boasts a user-friendly interface that showcases a responsive and visually captivating design.

9- Navoki Notes

is a proof of concept note app built on the Flutter framework with Firebase. It is a cross-platform app available on Android, iOS, Web App, PWA, Windows, macOS, and Linux, allowing users to sync data to the cloud and access it on any device.

10- Flutter Photography App Sample

Flutter Beautiful Photography Application UI/UX design and Animation.

11- ReVanced

is an Android application that uses ReVanced Patcher to add, remove, and modify functionalities in Android applications. It offers features like portability, intuitive UI, customization with third-party sources, and more.

12- Flutter flutter_particle_clock

This open-source project contains the source code of the Grand Prize-winning entry of the #FlutterClock challenge.

It features a beautiful particle clock, that include amazing features as:

  • 🎨 Randomly selects color palettes while still maintaining legibility at all times.
  • 🌤 Supports both light mode and dark mode, by filtering background color by luminance.
  • 📱 Scales to fit the screen space available and adjust calculations & rendering accordingly.
  • 🚀 At least 60 FPS on modern devices.
  • 🌈 Constantly shifting and moving, making it fun to look at.

The code is released under the MIT License.

13- Hacki

Hacki is an open-source free Hacker News client built with Flutter. It is avaiable for Android (Google Play, F-droid), and iOS.


  • Log in using your Hacker News account.
  • Browse stories from various categories.
  • Search for stories.
  • Submit stories.
  • Pin stories.
  • Mark stories as favorite.
  • Leave comments.
  • Collapse comments.
  • View parent comments without scrolling up.
  • View and participate in polls.
  • Browse comments and stories you have posted.
  • Vote on comments or stories.
  • Get in-app notification when there is new reply to your stories or comments.
  • Download stories and comments for offline reading.
  • Pick up where you left off.
  • Synced favorites and pins across devices. (iOS only)
  • Export or import your favorites.
  • Launch from system share sheet.

14- Flutter Movie

Movie is a free and open-source Flutter movie app build with Fish-Redux and TMDB api.

13- Flutter Taxi App

A Flutter starter taxi app built with BLOC pattern. It has following features

  • Taxi markers showing on different position on map (Based on static position)
  • Different animations across different part of screen
  • Polyline showing on map (Hardcoded data from Google Maps API)
  • Runs on both Android & IOS.< /li>
  • It helps in managing state and make access to data from a central place in your project.
  • Its a state management system for Flutter recommended by Google developers.

14- Mathematics Flutter

is an open-source project that provides mathematical functions and tools for various applications.

It offers basic arithmetic operations, matrix operations, statistical calculations, and more. It also supports generating PDFs, quizzes, and has web and desktop support.

15- TubeCards


is a user-friendly spaced-repetition app that seamlessly integrates with Youtube. It enhances learning with powerful features, intuitive design, and an intelligent spaced-repetition algorithm for optimal knowledge retention.

16- bitalarm

bitalarm is an open-source app to keep track of different cryptocurrencies, written in Dart + Flutter.

17- WeightTracker

Simple application for tracking weight.

18- Open Food Facts

Smooth App is a free and open-source The cutting-edge Open Food Facts mobile application for Android and iPhone.

19- Watermaniac

is an app that will help you track the amount of water you drink. Watermaniac’s best feature is the ability to set a daily drinking goal based on your weight, ensuring you stay hydrated by calculating the required amount of water.


  • Set a daily goal of water
  • A history of all drink you took (and logged)
  • Customizable notifications to remind you about drinking

20- QuitSmoke

is a free mobile app that tracks your progress in quitting smoking, including money saved, cigarettes avoided, and time smoke-free. It also features a countdown timer and allows you to calculate savings from not buying cigarettes.

21- Wger

Wger is a free workout progress and fitness tracker app for Android. It a personalized fitness diary with privacy-first features. The app is powered by a community of developers and consists of a client Android app built with Flutter, and a backend server application built with Django.

22- WorkoutTracker

WorkoutTracker is an exceptional and powerful application for effortlessly tracking workouts, meticulously crafted with the incredible Flutter framework.

It is a remarkable example of how technology can enhance your fitness journey, completely free and open-source.

The Meditation App is a free and open-source Flutter app that helps you feel calm, relieved, relaxed, and focused.

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